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About C1V Hosting

Founded in 2008, C1V initially established itself in publishing and cinema. In 2020, we expanded into the IT hosting industry, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence. At C1V Hosting, we are dedicated to offering reliable, fast, and secure hosting services. Our approach is deeply rooted in creating long-term value for our clients, the environment, and society. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ESG sustainability, reflected in our ethical practices and environmental protection efforts, including the utilization of green energy solutions exclusively. Our hosting services stand out in the market for their quality, performance, and sustainable approach.

Cinzia Tocci


CEO (2008 - Present)

Cinzia Tocci is at the helm of C1V Hosting, steering the company with an innovative vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her leadership is characterized by a deep understanding and extensive experience in the industry, crucial in guiding C1V Hosting's journey towards remarkable achievements. Cinzia's approach is not just about maintaining standards but continuously elevating them, ensuring that the company not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of the digital and hosting sector. Her strategic insights and foresightedness have been pivotal in cementing C1V Hosting's position as a trailblazer in the industry.
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Luca Marini


Sales Director (2020 - Present)

Luca Marini, our Sales Director, is renowned for his dynamic approach to business development and client relations. His strategic insights and unwavering dedication are crucial in C1V Hosting's global market expansion. Luca's ability to understand and anticipate market trends has been instrumental in tailoring our hosting solutions to meet diverse client needs effectively. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has significantly contributed to our reputation as a trusted and innovative hosting provider.
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