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We are thrilled to introduce our latest version of C1V hosting's 100Gbps anti-DDoS Protection. Our system has undergone significant upgrades, including improved notification of DDoS attacks through email and SMS alerts. We have also added new DDoS graphs in the Layer4 panel to enable our clients to visualize the attacks and how our protection mitigates them.


One of the key upgrades is our prefiltering through the PoP of Rome, coupled with Pro-Active filtering in Pomezia. This prefiltering helps to reduce the number of attacks that reach our clients' servers, ensuring that our mitigation services only deal with legitimate traffic.


Our stateful DDoS mitigation capacity has also been increased to 100Gbps, enabling us to handle even the most massive DDoS attacks. Additionally, we have provided our clients with the ability to add TCP/UDP accept/discard/ratelimit rules based on packet-length, ttl, geoip, and payload on their IP through the Layer4 panel. This feature gives clients more control over their servers and enhances their security.


We are not stopping at these upgrades; we have upcoming planned updates that will further improve our anti-DDoS protection. Soon, clients will be able to download the .pcap dump of DDoS attacks. We are also working on creating more detailed statistics and PDF reports of each attack, which will help clients understand the types of attacks they are experiencing and how our protection mitigates them.


To top it off, we will be adding more capacity to the DDoS Mitigation to increase our stateful capacity to 400Gbps. This upgrade means that our clients will enjoy even more protection against DDoS attacks, ensuring that their servers are always up and running.


In conclusion, the new version of C1V hosting anti-DDoS Protection 100Gbps is the perfect solution for clients looking to secure their servers and websites against DDoS attacks. With our stateful DDoS mitigation capacity, prefiltering, and advanced features, clients can rest assured that their servers are protected against any DDoS attack that may come their way.

Monday, February 20, 2023

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