Optimize Your Network with IP Subnets and AS Services

Enhance Connectivity: IPv4, IPv6, and AS Solutions
  • IPv4 - /24 Subnet
    • RIPE IPv4 Subnets
  • ASN and IPv6 Subnet
    • Get your Autonomous System Number along with up to a /40 IPv6 Subnet and master the art of Networking!

      We need about a week to register the AS after you have provided us with the documentation we will request (in the case of a private individual, an identity document and the C1V RIPE agreement. In the case of a company, a document certifying the company activities and the C1V RIPE agreement).
  • IPv6 Subnet
    • Order now your new IPv6 Subnet, up to a /40, and join to the networking community!
  • IPv4 and IPv6 IXP Subnets
    • Order now your IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets to maintain and develop your Internet Exchange Point (must be used only on a IXP)
  • IPv4 Temporary Assignment
    €750,00 EUR חד פעמי
    • Order now your IPv4 Provider Independent assignment (up to /16 with justification - only up to 1 year for research/conferences) Subnet