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Experience the latest in DDoS mitigation as a service.

Protect your infrastructure from any known attack without additional investment through our DDoS protection service.
  • Cloud DDoS Shield
    Para €65,00/mo
    • Safeguard your network against DDoS attacks effortlessly with our Cloud DDoS Shield service, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and peace of mind for your business.

      BGP Session Yes (Dual Stack)
      Protection Capacity up to 1Tbps depending on the attack
      Protected attacks Layer 3 up to Layer 7
      Delivery GRE tunnel or Cross Connect
      Clean bandwidth measured by the 95th percentile
      Custom Filters made on request
  • Layer 7 Shield WAF
    • Protect your website from Layer 7 DDoS attacks with C1V Hosting's Layer 7 Shield. Our easy-to-use solution ensures your online assets stay safe from evolving cyber threats, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your website's security.

      Protected Websites 1
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  • ddos protection
  • 1Tbps DDoS Shield
  • Custom DDoS filters